Figure 3: Hearing on the Long Arm of China: Exporting Authoritarianism with Chinese Characteristics (CECC, December 13, 2017)

Marshalling digital technologies and the tools of data science to probe the past, Hoover visiting fellow Glenn Tiffert, a specialist on twentieth-century China, is currently studying Chinese censorship and influence operations, and finalizing a book manuscript on the birth of the PRC legal system. His scholarship, featured in the most recent Hoover Digest, centers on legal history, including publications on Chinese constitutionalism, the construction of a modern judiciary, and the suppressed genealogy of the rule of law in the PRC. As part of his project, he is developing machine learning tools to analyze how Chinese censors are silently manipulating the online sources of information upon which we increasingly rely in order to reshape our knowledge base to favor their narratives. Tiffert's work on these subjects has attracted coverage in the Washington Post and Foreign Affairs; he has also testified before Congress and advised the federal government on threats and the appropriate responses.

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