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Why has Jerry Brown become so vanilla?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Napoleon Bonaparte, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jordan: all brilliant at their craft, all guilty of at least one comeback too many.

Is it time to add Jerry Brown to that list? I know it sounds premature, what with Brown less than a year into his second turn as California's governor.

Nor do I write this with partisan glee, given that for months now I've irritated many a Republican by suggesting that a man who hadn't held the job for the better part of three decades – the unlikeliest of success models – just might be the right fit for the California of 2011.

At age 73 and no longer a player in national Democratic politics, Jerry Brown presumably would be immune to the same "Potomac Fever" that afflicted him throughout his earlier stay in the "Horseshoe." He sought California's top job not as a means of killing time between flights to early primary states, but instead to end his storied career on a high note.

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