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Will Bin Laden’s Death Reignite the Interrogation Debate?

Monday, May 2, 2011

I recommend that Lawfare readers spend some time absorbing the entirety of this press briefing last night by “senior administration officials.” In particular, the following passage stands out and suggests that the full story here may–and I want to stress may, not will or not should–reignite the debate over interrogation tactics:

What I’d like to do is walk you through the key points in that intelligence trail that led us to that conclusion.  From the time that we first recognized bin Laden as a threat, the CIA gathered leads on individuals in bin Laden’s inner circle, including his personal couriers.  Detainees in the post-9/11 period flagged for us individuals who may have been providing direct support to bin Laden and his deputy, Zawahiri, after their escape from Afghanistan.

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