Hoover Digest

A quarterly publication that offers informative writing on politics, economics, and history by the scholars and researchers of the Institution.


For twenty years, the quarterly Hoover Digest has offered a smart, engaging roundup of the best work of the scholars of the Hoover Institution, the public-policy think tank at Stanford University.

  • A world of change: Get up to speed on the economy, terrorism, foreign policy, politics, the growth of government, and other urgent topics you need to know about.
  • The marketplace of ideas: Join Hoover fellows as they challenge the status quo, chart out constructive change, and build on the enduring principles that underpin a free, prosperous America.
  • From the Great War to the Cold War to cyberwar: Learn how the collections of Hoover’s famous library and archives continue to guide research today, sparking new insights into war, revolution, and peace.

The Hoover Digest is your gateway into the many ways Hoover is making a difference in American thought.

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