Hoover’s recently released 2016 Annual Report is the premier guide to the policy challenges that top Hoover experts are paying close attention to, as well as how fellows are applying the institution’s resources toward improving individual well-being and national prosperity.

Hoover Institution Annual R... by Hoover Institution


Highlights from the informative and encouraging report include

  • The new Blueprint for America project, edited by George P. Shultz, who convened Hoover’s most accomplished policy experts, including Hoover fellows General Jim Mattis, John F. Cogan, and Scott W. Atlas, to address the many pressing challenges awaiting the next administration and Congress.
  • Acquisitions and outreach from the Library & Archives, such as the recent exhibit Civil Discourse: William F. Buckley Jr’s Firing Line, 1966–1999, which features materials from Hoover’s extensive Firing Line collection, much of which is accessible online
  • Captivating photographs of Hoover’s Stanford University campus and Hoover fellows in action

We invite you to learn more about the results made possible during the past year by Hoover’s dedicated supporters and unsurpassed scholars by reviewing the report or downloading a PDF version here

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