Thursday, October 17

1:30 PM Welcome
  John Raisian, Director, Hoover Institution
  L.H. Gann - Current Crisis in Immigration and Refugees
1:45 PM Benefits and Costs of Immigrants in the United States
Moderator: Thomas Gale Moore
Panel: Frank D. Bean - Hispanic Experience
  Bill Ong Hing - Asian American Experience
  Philip Martin- Mexican Experience
  Julian Simon- Benefits of Immigrants
  Georges Vernez- The California Experience
3:45 PM Arguments for Limiting Immigration
Moderator: Annelise Anderson
Panel: Peter Brimelow - Case for Limiting Immigration
  Peter Skerry - "Immigrants, Bureaucracies, and Life
  Norman Matloff - Comments
4:45 PM Sessions Close

Friday, October 18

8:30 AM Overview of Federal Immigration Laws and Policies
Moderator: Edward Lazear
Panel: Stuart Anderson- Immigration in the High Tech Industry
  Michael Fix- Immigrant vs. Immigration Policy
  Steve Legomsky- Immigration and the Rise and Decline of American Cities
  Jeffrey Passel- Undocumented Immigrants
10:15 PM Costs of Immigration
Moderator: Kenneth Judd
Panel: Roy Beck- The High Cost of Cheap Foreign Labor
  George Borjas- Welfare Costs
  Thomas MaCurdy- Welfare
  Harry Pachon- Costs in California
10:15 PM Silicon Valley and the Immigration Debate
Moderator: Nicholas Imparato
Presenter: Joseph Costello- Technology, Immigration, and Global Leadership
Comments: Dado Banatao
  Norman Matloff
  Ronald Unz
  Phil White
3:05 PM Conference concludes

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