Traditional Law and Governance
How did people govern themselves and resolve conflict before contact? What was the Northern Cheyenne approach to law and governance?

Sheldon Spotted Elk, Northern Cheyenne
Director, Indian Child Welfare Unit, Casey Family Programs


The Navajo Legal Ceremony: Curing Federal Indian Law
Why should Native nations, Native leaders, and Native people understand and know Federal Indian Law? What can other Native nations learn from the Navajo Nation judicial model and how can they use that in rebuilding their nations?

Joseph Austin, Navajo Nation
Co-founder, ACES School


The Law and Economics of Indian Country Crime

Why is law enforcement in Indian country so complex? Who benefits from Indian country's criminal framework? What will it take to improve public safety in Indian country?

Adam Crepelle, United Houma Nation
Southern University Law Center


Taxation and Tribal Sovereignty

Why is taxation important for tribal sovereignty? What can tribes do to assert tax jurisdiction?

Kelly Croman
Board Member Emeritus and Former Chair, National Intertribal Tax Alliance


Native Identity

Who defines Native identity? Why does it matter?

C. Matthew Snipp, Oklahoma Cherokee and Choctaw
Burnet C. and Mildred Finley Wohlford Professor of Humanities and Sciences in the Department of Sociology


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