The world economy has recently been experiencing highly volatile foreign exchange and capital markets, a spread of unusual monetary policy actions, and disappointing growth and stability. These developments have led to a host of policy proposals ranging from reforms of the international monetary system built on rules-based monetary policy in each country to more interventions in the form of capital controls, exchange market actions, and macro-prudential regulations.

Since the Hoover conference “Frameworks for Central Banking in the Next Century,” held in May 2014, debates about central bank policy have intensified. The aim of the conference is to examine these recent developments and consider policy options.

This conference is by invitation only.

Michael Bordo, Rutgers University
John Cochrane, Stanford University
Lee Ohanian, University of California, Los Angeles
John B. Taylor, Stanford University

Time Content Presenters/panelists Discussant
8:30 AM Monetary Policy Indepedendence under Flexible Exchange Rates Sebastian Edwards David Papell
9:45 am The International Impact of the Fed When the U.S. Is Banker to the World David Beckworth
Christopher Crowe
Christopher Erceg
11:00 am A Journey Down the Slippery Slope to the European Crisis Varadarajan Chari
Patrick Kehoe
Harald Uhlig
12:45 pm Global Imbalances and Currency Wars at the ZLB Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas John Cochrane
1:45 pm Monetary Policy Cooperation and Coordination: A Historical Perspective on the Importance of Rules Michael Bordo
Catherine Schenk
Allan Meltzer
3:00 pm Panel on Rules-Based International Monetary Reform John Taylor
Richard Clarida
George Shultz
4:15 PM Panel on International Monetary Policy and Reform in Practice James Bullard
Robert Kaplan
Dennis Lockhart
John Williams


If you have any questions about the event, contact Marie-Christine Slakey at slakey@stanford.edu.

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