The Next Wave Of Surveillance Reform

Monday, January 25, 2016 to Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Hoover Institution, Stanford University

The National Security, Technology, and Law Working Group at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University is hosting a symposium on “The Next Wave of Surveillance Reform,” taking place on January 25 and 26, 2016, at the Hoover Institution in Stanford, CA.

The symposium will bring together surveillance and national security experts from government, the academy, the private sector, and the privacy community. Attendance will be limited to promote interaction among the participants. Presentations will focus on the next round of surveillance reform in the United States, with an emphasis on the coming debates in Congress about whether and how to renew authorities for 702 collection and whether and how Congress should regulate collection under Executive Order 12,333.

Following the symposium, Hoover will publish six major papers framing the debate over the next round of surveillance reform. The symposium will, among other things, help the authors to refine their arguments as to how Congress and the administration should proceed. Discussions will be off the record.

- Please note that this event is by invitation only -


Time Monday, january 25 Tuesday, JANUARY 26
8:00 AM Continental Breakfast Continental Breakfast
8:30 am Welcoming Remarks by Jack Goldsmith and Benjamin Wittes, co-chairs, National Security, Technology and Law Working Group  
8:35 Am FISA’s General Warrants and Fourth Amendment "Security"
Presenter: Julian Sanchez, Cato Institute
8:30: In Defense of FAA 702:
An Examination of Its Justification, Operational Employment and Legal Underpinnings

Presenters: John C. “Chris” Inglis and Jeff Kosseff, US Naval Academy
10:00 Am Break Concluding Discussion
10:15 Am Beyond Liberty and Security: The Technology Industry and the Evolution of the Surveillance Debate
Presenter: Mieke Eoyang, Third Way
10:35: Adjourn
11:45 AM Break and Lunch Served  
12:00 PM Some Thoughts on Reciprocity and "Targeting". 
(Working Lunch)
Presenter: Nicholas Weaver, International Computer Science Institute
1:30 PM Break  
1:45 PM Reforming Global Surveillance: Enhancing Transparency, Accountability and Privacy
Presenter: Timothy H. Edgar, Brown University
3:15 PM Break  
3:30 PM Trends and Predictions in National Security Surveillance:
FAA 702, EO 12333 and Beyond

Presenter: David Kris, Intellectual Ventures
5:00 PM Adjourn  
6:30 PM Reception and Dinner at The Westin Palo Alto, 675 El Camino Real  


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