School Choice Week | A Policy Panel with Senator Tim Scott, Secretary Condoleezza Rice, and Rep. Burgess Owens

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

On Wednesday, January 26th, during National School Choice Week, Senator Tim Scott, Secretary Condoleezza Rice, and Representative Burgess Owens discussed how to expand education options to all families—regardless of income or zip code—so that all kids have the best chance at success. Watch the discussion below.

At the Institution, the Hoover Education Success Initiative (HESI) focuses on providing state leaders with sound research-based recommendations to improve education in America.

Since passage in 2015 of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), states have again taken charge of American education policy. That means their leaders must possess the vision, wisdom, and capacity to make the most of opportunities to better serve their students, parents, educators, and taxpayers. To support them in this ambitious undertaking, the Hoover Education Success Initiative provides policy recommendations in vital realms of K-12 schooling, grounded in expert analysis of what works.

Launched in 2019, HESI is a “solutions tank” led by senior scholars at Stanford’s Hoover Institution. Its work incorporates the best available policy evidence as compiled by panels of research leaders in specific topical areas. The policy briefings are scrutinized and honed in consultation with the HESI Practitioner Council, a group of leading state policy makers and educational reform advocates.

More information about the HESI program can be found here.



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