Director Emerita Elena Danielson Examines The Achievements Of Herbert Hoover

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hoover Library & Archives Director Emerita Elena Danielson

On February 7th, Hoover Library & Archives Director Emerita Elena Danielson delivered a talk entitled “Reassessing Herbert Hoover: The Stanford Techie” at an event co-hosted by L&A and the Stanford Historical Society. Drawing from extensive research in Hoover’s collections, Danielson discussed the life and legacy of Herbert Hoover, with an emphasis on his passion for new technologies that would improve public works projects such as the Hoover Dam. Danielson argued that the building of the Hoover Dam and the establishment of the Hoover Library & Archives at Stanford should be considered among Hoover’s most significant and lasting achievements. The event was accompanied by a small display of materials from Hoover archives, including original correspondence, memorabilia, and books once owned by Herbert Hoover. Danielson’s talk is available for free streaming through iTunes.

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