Introducing the new Hoover Website

Thursday, June 12, 2014
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Hoover Website
Hoover Website

The Hoover Institution is pleased to announce the launch of its newly designed and significantly renovated website (  In addition to an updated visual design, the website has a new architecture that facilitates site navigation and visitors’ access to the breadth and depth of the fellows’ work in an intuitive way. 

The launch culminates a nearly year-long redesign process working with website design and development firm, WebEnertia, to achieve a handful of major objectives.  The Hoover site contains tens of thousands of pieces of content, all of which have been organized so that information can be found and discovered in a logical and intuitive fashion, no matter the topic or media format.  The simplified navigational menu improves ease of use by incorporating restructured and streamlined research topics.  Each major policy research topic has its own landing page with a slide show featuring key articles, and the research items can be filtered to show individual fellows, subtopics, or particular types of media. For visitors looking for a specific item, a more robust search engine quickly finds content to match the keywords.

The new website also enables visitors to seamlessly connect with and share Hoover content using integrated social media features throughout the site.  A new comment feature at the bottom of many research pages allows for continued discussion with other Hoover readers.  Visitors can also now stay informed on the go with a responsive design that adapts for all devices: desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 

These improvements in organization and site usability allow the site to better serve as an optimized communications distribution hub to promote Hoover’s expanding library of digital content, including a consolidated repository for Hoover’s many digital publications, video series, audio podcasts, and fellows’ blogs.

As befits the second largest private archive in the United States, the Library and Archives section is being substantially upgraded. Its collections will become more accessible with search and navigation enhancements that will enable users to filter by region and topic. New behind-the-scenes features will bring the collections to life. As the new pages are being finalized over the course of the summer, key content will be accessible via streamlined links, including Searchworks and OAC portals; information for visitors; and social media.

Finally, the website has been refreshed with a modern look and feel, aesthetically supporting the relevance of fellows’ research to contemporary policy work.  The expanded “About Hoover” section deploys an interactive time line to guide visitors through the Institution’s unique history and legacy, demonstrating our continuing stature as a public policy research center. 

With these enhancements can now serve as a better platform for expanding the reach of our fellows and elevating the policy debate with ideas defining a free society.

For further information see Hoover's press release.