Decision 2016: Immigration

Immigration, Trade, and Child Care Immigration, Trade, and Child Care
By John Cochrane 

Both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton want to lower the cost and, presumably, increase the amount of child care. A quick economics quiz: What is the policy change that would have the greatest such effect?

Imagine There’s No Border
By Victor Davis Hanson 

A world without boundaries is a fantasy.

Bush v. Reagan on Immigration
By John Cochrane

In this era that the battles within parties are as important as those between them, we have to get out of the habit of tarring whole parties with the behaviors and attitudes of some people in them.

The Classicist: “Multiculturalism And Immigration”
Interview with Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson looks at how a declining respect for the rule of law and a rising tide of multiculturalism combine to exacerbate the problem of illegal immigration.

Immigration Policy: The Survey On The Treatment Of Refugees And Reducing Illegal Immigration
Via Peregrine

“We asked a panel of thirty-two immigration policy experts to assess two distinct immigration policy issues: the treatment of refugees and reducing illegal immigration. Notably, most respondents are independent scholars, but of those who are affiliated with a political party are split roughly 50-50 between Republican and Democrat.”

Immigration that Works
By Edward Paul Lazear

How to mend a broken system.

The Economic Effect Of Immigration
By Tim Kane

When immigration reform is done right, it will use the fact-based reality that immigrants of all skill levels are good for the native economy, including wages, jobs, and economic growth.

Immigration and Economic Growth from the Supply Side
By Timothy Kane

Tim Kane, a research fellow, discusses immigration and economic policy in the United States.

A Market Solution to Immigration Reform
By Gary Becker and Ed Lazear

The U.S. needs more people with skills and vision. To get them, it should sell the right to become a citizen.