The Hoover Institution today launched Friedman Fundamentals, the latest video series in its Educating Americans in Public Policy (PolicyEd) program. The new videos pair the voice of economist Milton Friedman with custom and contemporary animation to compellingly illustrate his timeless explanations of economic concepts and policy ideas.

Calling upon the online Collected Works of Milton Friedman, the new series brings visibility to this archival treasure trove by featuring Friedman delivering talks, speeches, and lectures on a broad array of public policy and economics topics, and highlights their ongoing relevance to address the challenges of today. The Hoover Institution is home to one of the largest collections of source material by Friedman, and he remains unrivaled in his ability to distill and explain complex concepts in a cogent and concise manner. Friedman Fundamentals will expand his reach to new generations.

“Milton Friedman was both a great scholar and a great popularizer of scholarship,” said Eric Wakin, the Robert H. Malott Director of the Hoover Library & Archives. “Friedman Fundamentals continues the Nobel recipient’s work by bringing his logical, understandable, and sensible solutions to policy challenges to vast new audiences.” Friedman Fundamentals videos will  be 90 to 120 seconds long. They will be accompanied by articles, essays, opinion editorials, and clips of media appearances by today’s Hoover scholars that apply Friedman’s enduring insights to today’s most pressing issues. Two Friedman Fundamentals videos will be released each month.

Watch the 1st Video in the Series Below

About PolicyEd

PolicyEd offers a credible and accessible source of facts, analysis, and information about public policies where engaged people can turn for the knowledge and analytical skills to think through the critical issues of the day. The initiative seeks to equip the public to hold its elected leaders accountable and “to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.” This effort builds upon Hoover’s legacy of substantive scholarly policy inquiry into issues where partisan advocacy has otherwise become the norm.

About the Collected Works of Milton Friedman

The online Collected Works of Milton Friedman is dedicated to the research and scholarship of the Nobel laureate and Hoover Institution fellow Friedman (1912 – 2006). It contains more than 1,400 digital items, spanning seventy-seven years, including a collection of material housed at the Hoover Institution Library & Archives compiled and edited by Deputy Director Emeritus of the Hoover Institution Charles Palm and former Hoover National Fellow Robert Leeson; text, streaming video and audio, and personal images from Friedman’s personal papers and other Hoover collections; and links to Milton Friedman content hosted on other websites.

About the Hoover Institution

Established one hundred years ago by Herbert Hoover at his alma mater, Stanford University, the Hoover Institution marks its centennial in 2019. From its initial charge to collect materials documenting the experience of war and the pursuit of peace, the institution stands today as the world’s preeminent archive and policy research center dedicated to freedom, private enterprise, and effective, limited government. Our centennial is a reflection of both the uncommon vision of our founder and the generosity of those who have stood with us to meet the greatest social, political, and economic challenges of an entire century. It also calls on us to prepare for even greater impact in the years ahead: guiding our nation’s policy makers, informing the marketplace of ideas, and illuminating the road to prosperity and peace in America and around the world.

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