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Analysis and Commentary

S.2155: Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, And Consumer Protection Act

by Anat R. Admati, John H. Cochrane, Paul Pfleiderervia Stanford University
Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the hearing scheduled for October 2, 2018 on the implementation of S.2155. Three of us sent you a letter on March 6, 2018 when the law was being discussed. We were concerned that the “tailoring” proposed in S.2155 would be used to lower equity requirements and thus endanger the financial system. These concerns are even stronger today. We are alarmed by the recent push from some industry participants and policymakers to weaken capital regulation, since capital regulation, when implemented properly, is the most essential, beneficial, and cost-effective part of banking regulation.

Analysis and Commentary

Letter To Senators Protesting Parts Of S.2155 - Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, And Consumer Protection Act

by Amit Seru , Anat R. Admati, Paul Pfleiderervia Bankers New Clothes
Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Excessive and inefficient reliance on debt throughout the financial system was a key cause of the global financial crisis. The crisis exposed the inadequacy, poor design and ineffective enforcement of the regulations in place to prevent this excessive borrowing and the buildup of risk throughout the system.