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They Do Care: An Interview With William Damon And Anne Colby On Moral Development

by William Damon, Anne Colby, Pamela Ebstyne Kingvia PhilPapers
Monday, September 24, 2018

What follows is an interview with William Damon and Anne Colby, pioneers in the fields of moral psychology and education. Throughout their careers, they have studied, moral identity, moral ideals, positive youth development, purpose, good work, vocation, character development in higher education, and professional responsibility. In their words, they are interested in the ‘best of humankind’—not only the competencies, but also the character necessary for living a good life—not only for the sake of the individual, but also for society. They have received numerous academic and civic awards and honors.

Analysis and Commentary

Honesty Can Be Cultivated, Despite Cynicism

by William Damon, Anne Colbyvia The New York Times
Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Honesty, like all virtues, requires cultivation. The first rule of cultivating honesty is to believe in truthfulness; the second is to practice it until it becomes habitual; the third is to resist life’s frequent temptations to gain advantage through deception.