CDR Jillian Malzone


Commander Jillian Malzone, representing the US Coast Guard, is a National Security Affairs Fellow for the academic year 2019–20 at the Hoover Institution.

Commander Malzone is a Coast Guard officer specializing in response operations ashore and afloat. She has served in a variety of operational units, conducting search and rescue, law enforcement, aids to navigation, and maritime environmental response operations throughout the Caribbean, along the New England coast, among the outlying Pacific Islands, and in the Pacific Northwest. 

Her policy and staff experience includes assignment as a military aide for former president Barack Obama, as an analyst in the Coast Guard Office of Strategic Workforce Planning, and as an assignment officer responsible for the career management of Coast Guard officers.

Commander Malzone earned her military commission from the US Coast Guard Academy, where she received a BS degree in mechanical engineering. She holds a master’s degree in computational operations research from the College of William and Mary.

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