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Donald Emmerson


Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for International Studies.

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Recent Commentary

IRAQ OF AGES: The United States and the Future of Iraq

with Michael McFaul, Donald Emmerson, Joseph Nyevia Uncommon Knowledge
Friday, March 26, 2004

On July 1, the Coalition Provisional Authority—the body headed by U.S. ambassador Paul Bremer that has governed Iraq since the end of the Iraq war—will transfer sovereignty to a temporary Iraqi government. The transfer of power raises a number of hard questions. Will our attempts at nation building in this ethnically and religiously divided country succeed? Just what are our responsibilities in ensuring that success? And how long will or should the United States maintain a military presence in Iraq?

DEMOCRACY NOW? Democracy versus the Rule of Law

with Larry Diamond, Coit Blacker, Donald Emmersonvia Uncommon Knowledge
Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Is democracy—that is, free elections—to be desired at all times for all nations? Or are nations more successful when they establish the rule of law, property rights, and other constitutional liberties first? For the United States, this is no longer an academic question. America is deeply involved in nation-building in Afghanistan and Iraq. Should the establishment of democracy in these countries be the first priority for the United States, or is securing public order and the rule of law more important?