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Automatorts: How Should Accident Law Adapt to Autonomous Vehicles? Lessons from Law and Economics

by Eric Talleyvia IP2 Working Paper Series
Monday, January 7, 2019

The introduction of autonomous vehicles (AVs) onto the nation’s motorways raises important questions about our legal system’s adaptability to novel risks and incentive problems presented by such technology. A significant part of the challenge comes in understanding how to navigate the transition period, as AVs interact routinely with conventional human actors. This paper extends a familiar multilateral precaution framework from the law and economics literature by analyzing interactions between algorithmic and human decision makers. 

Patently Risky: Framing, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Preferences

by Elizabeth Hoffman, David L. Schwartz, Matthew Spitzer, Eric Talleyvia IP2 Working Paper Series
Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Innovation policy balances static monopoly rights against dynamic entrepreneurial incentives. In striking this balance, researchers commonly presume that decision makers in innovative settings react to their economic environments in a manner similar to their counterparts in other contexts. This paper reports on a series of experiments that call this presumption into question.