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Gordon M. Hahn


Gordon M. Hahn is coordinator of Russian Archives Research Projects at the Hoover Institution.

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Recent Commentary

An Autopsy of the Soviet Economy

by Gordon M. Hahnvia Hoover Digest
Friday, October 30, 1998

Soviet documents now in the Hoover Archives reveal seventy years of economic bungling. By Gordon M. Hahn.

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Documents from the Terror

by Gordon M. Hahnvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, July 30, 1998

From 1936 to 1938, Stalin conducted a campaign of terror against his own citizens. Documents now in the possession of the Hoover Institution Archives provide grisly details. By Gordon M. Hahn.

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The Unknown Opposition to Soviet Rule

by Gordon M. Hahnvia Hoover Digest
Thursday, April 30, 1998

New documents prove that, even after Stalin's purges, famines, and show trials, the internal opposition to Soviet rule never ended. By Archivist Gordon M. Hahn.

Minutes of the Soviet Communist Party Politburo meeting held on March 22, 1990

Fond 89 and the Fall of the Soviet Union

by Gordon M. Hahnvia Hoover Digest
Friday, January 30, 1998

The Hoover Institution is engaged in a major effort to salvage archives from the Soviet Union. Archivist Gordon Hahn describes the effort--and discusses a trove of records that dates from the Soviet Union's final months.