Haedar (Haidar) Hadi is the Curator of the Middle East and North Africa Collections and Digital Systems Manager for the Hoover Institution Library & Archives. He is responsible for the development, implementation, and security of a sustainable IT environment that ensures that digital assets are methodically preserved and perpetually accessible to a broad research community. Hadi holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems with a sub-concentration in Data Analytics and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Hadi has completed several certifications in Project management, IT development, Cybersecurity, and Leadership programs.    

Before joining his current job, Hadi worked with the Iraq Memory Foundation (IMF). Founded in 2003, the Iraq Memory Foundation is a non-profit organization working in Iraq and the US on documenting and analyzing the suffering of the Iraqi people under the Ba'thist dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. His experience for both the Library & Archives collecting mission and technical work in cultural heritage are highlighted in the Hoover Digest article, "Mission to Baghdad."    

Hadi's work is to fulfill a vision of peace, coexistence, and genuine respect for incredible diversity within our world. He helped to establish two non-profit organizations in Iraq, one that provided financial aid to students in need and another focused on humanitarian dialogue and promoting cross-cultural coexistence. He also worked in the journalism and media sectors.

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