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Citation Weighting, Patent Ranking, and Apportionment of Value for Standard-Essential Patents

by J. Gregory Sidak, Jeremy O. Skogvia IP2 Working Paper Series
Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A critical question repeatedly arises in litigation over the infringement of standard-essential patents (SEPs): What is an intellectually rigorous methodology for apportioning, across the various patents practiced in a multicomponent product, the value that the patents contribute to each enabling technology that gives the multicomponent product value?

Patent Applications

Tournaments and FRAND Royalties

by J. Gregory Sidakvia IP2 Working Paper Series
Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Proponents of the patent-holdup conjecture implicitly model competition among different technologies for inclusion in a standard as a static Bertrand pricing game without (1) any capacity restraints, (2) any product differentiation, and (3) any outside option for the inventors. On the basis of those improbable assumptions, proponents of the patent-holdup conjecture suppose that the FRAND royalty for the technology chosen for inclusion in the standard will approach zero.