Lt Col James Coughlin


James “Gumbo” Coughlin, representing the U.S. Air Force, is a National Security Affairs Fellow for the academic year 2017-­‐2018 at the Hoover Institution.

James R. Coughlin is a Lieutenant Colonel and a cyberspace operations officer in the Air Force. He has a BS in Information Systems, a MA in Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict, and a MMAS in Strategic Studies and is working on his doctorate in education leadership. He conducted base level, tactical and joint communications, joint planning/operations, counter insurgency and information operations planning, force protection and knowledge management. He has been a member of Combined Joint Task Forces conducting operations in the Pacific with the militaries of the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. He has served at the Squadron, Group, Wing, Numbered Air Force, Major Command, Headquarters Air Force and Combatant Command levels and commanded the service’s only active duty engineering installation squadron. He deployed as Special Operations Task Force Antiterrorism Officer and as a Combined Joint Special Operations Air Component Communications Director.

As a fellow at Hoover, Lieutenant Colonel Coughlin will center his research on what was ignored in NDAA 2001 and what it cost the United States. He will also look into how historical strategists would write about cyber policies. His doctoral research will center on the benefit of community educational foundations to high schools. Other interests will center around robotics and drones.

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Analysis and Commentary

It's Time We Ask: What Do We Do When The Lights Go Out?

by Lt Col James Coughlinvia The Hill
Tuesday, February 6, 2018

One day it could happen and how will you respond? If you are at home, will you be ready? If you are away from home, how will you get back? What will you do when the lights go out?

Bad cyber hygiene will cost you more than your social life

by Lt Col James Coughlinvia The Hill
Thursday, December 28, 2017

You make conscious decisions about it each day. The people you interact with have the same decisions to make. Like you, they decide whether or not to take risks.

Analysis and Commentary

We Can't Wait Until The First Attack To Regulate Drones

by Lt Col James Coughlinvia The Hill
Sunday, December 17, 2017

While at a large outdoor event, you and your family and friends are enjoying the show. You passed through security, had your bags inspected and received a cursory visual inspection in order to enter the venue. You noticed a couple of security guards near the venue and some police officers directing traffic.