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Jeff Brazell


Jeff brings to his role as CEO at The Modellers a unique skill set and genuine passion for high-end market research to blend with a rich and diversified background in management experience, academic training and applied expertise, keen and tutored quantitative insight and university teaching experience. Over the past twenty years, he has held various high-level management positions at several national and international firms, has taught marketing at two Universities, and been extensively involved in researching new quantitative methods. While at the University of Sydney, Australia, Jeff developed relationships with several colleagues with whom he founded The Modellers. 

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Recent Commentary

Valuation of Patented Product Features

by Greg M. Allenby, Jeff Brazell, John R. Howell, Peter Rossivia IP2 Working Paper Series
Wednesday, October 1, 2014

IP² Working Paper No. 14014 (originally published April 1, 2014) - Ultimately, patents have value to the extent to which the product features enabled by the patents have economic value in the marketplace. Products which are enhanced by inclusion of patented features should generate incremental profits. Incremental profits can be assessed by considering demand for products with patented features and contrasting that demand to demand for the same product without the patented feature.