John Moses is a technology executive who prioritizes the long-term interests of Wizardline and its partners through smart operational decisions across a broad set of disciplines. As a member of a small startup team, he makes long-term strategic decisions related to IT infrastructure, support structures, SDLC process creation and management, and compliance.

He has a background in military and government service, including twenty-three years of service as a senior enlisted soldier with three deployments. During his service, he had the opportunity to serve in various high-level logistical roles, including theater-wide shipping, inter-governmental customs negotiations, and enforcement between the US government and foreign governments. He was also selected as a liaison officer to a US embassy.

In August 2021, he volunteered as a case manager for the evacuation of Afghans through Kabul International Airport. Since the final flight, he has continued to support the Afghan people during their resettlement in the United States. As a case manager, he worked to ensure that Afghan nationals were safely evacuated from the country and provided with the necessary resources for relocation, reunification, or resettlement.

As an elected school committee member for the town of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, he oversees a $70.7 million budget and is responsible for the proper management and monitoring of taxpayer funds. He is also committed to driving good policy and supporting the education of 5,000 students.

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