Katarzyna Zysk

Katarzyna Zysk

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Katarzyna Zysk is an associate professor at the Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies / Norwegian Defense University College in Oslo. Since 2011, she has also served as a research scholar (nonresident) at the US Naval War College, Center for Naval Warfare Studies. She has published articles, books, book chapters, and reports and commented in the media on a variety of topics, including Arctic security, transatlantic relations, Russia's security and defense policy, European security, and diplomatic history. She has served as an Arctic expert to numerous organizations and governments in Europe, Canada, and the United States. In 2012, she completed a postdoctoral research project on security and military developments in the Arctic, with special focus on Russia’s policies. Zysk earned her PhD in 2006 from the Institute for International Relations, Nicholas Copernicus University, in Torun, Poland. Her current research interests include international security, strategic studies, military change in Russia, maritime security, and Arctic geopolitics.

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Why US Must Keep A Close Eye On Russia's Plans For The Arctic

by Commander David Slayton, Katarzyna Zyskvia Fox News
Friday, August 28, 2015

“The North Pole is Ours!” read the headline of Rossiiskaya Gazeta -- the Russian government daily newspaper of record -- on May 20. In today’s circumstances of heightened tensions with the West, Vladimir Putin needs victories, which may also make the country less pragmatic and more concerned about identity politics and symbols.