Lieutenant Colonel John Howard

Lieutenant Colonel John Howard


Lieutenant Colonel John Howard, representing the US Air Force, is a national security affairs fellow for 2011–2012 at the Hoover Institution.

Howard earned his undergraduate degree in mathematics from Tufts University, an MBA from the University of California at Davis, and a master’s in national security studies from the Naval War College. As a pilot in the air force, his operational tours have included flying the KC-10 aerial refueling aircraft at Travis Air Force Base, California, and the C-40 VIP aircraft in Hawaii and commanding a Global Mobility Squadron at Travis Air Force Base. He spent time at the US Pacific Command and US Central Command Headquarters as the aide to the commander: Admiral William J. Fallon. In May 2011, Howard returned from a yearlong deployment in Afghanistan as part of the NATO Training Command. He is a senior pilot with three thousand hours in the C-40, KC-10, T-1A, and T-37 aircraft.

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