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Mike Needham


Mike Needham is chief executive officer of Heritage Action for America.

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A New Era In Conservative Politics: The Tea Party's Lasting Influence

by Stephen F. Hayes, James W. Ceaser, Mike Needhamvia Heritage Foundation
Friday, February 19, 2016

Less a new, independent movement than a reinvigoration of conservatism, the Tea Party has transformed American politics. It has reestablished the centrality of the U.S. Constitution in public discourse, made the federal debt a national-level question, and resurrected the necessity of holding elected officials accountable to their constituencies. 

Barack Obama
Analysis and Commentary

What Republicans Can Do Now To Fight Back Against Obama’s Amnesty Decision

by Edwin Meese III, Mike Needhamvia Daily Signal
Sunday, December 7, 2014

The lame-duck session presents the first test for Republican leadership in the House and Senate since the American people overwhelmingly spoke on Election Day.  As usual, President Obama and congressional Democrats are playing their Washington games.