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Stephanie Coontz


Professor of History and Family Studies, Evergreen State College; Author, Marriage, A History: From Obedience to Intimacy, or How Love Conquered Marriage.

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LOVE AND MARRIAGE: Marriage in Modern America

with Jennifer Roback Morse, Stephanie Coontzvia Uncommon Knowledge
Monday, April 18, 2005

Most people would agree that families and the institution of marriage are not what they were fifty years ago. Many couples are cohabiting without marriage, and many children are being raised in single-parent homes or other nontraditional family arrangements. Is the traditional model of marriage and family superior to these other arrangements, as some would argue? If so, why have marriage and family relationships changed so much over the past half-century? And what should the government do, if anything, to strengthen families and the institution of marriage? Peter Robinson speaks with Jennifer Roback Morse and Stephanie Coontz.