Trey Herr


Trey Herr was a visiting fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University where he worked on international cybersecurity and risk. His research focused on the role of nonstate actors in cybersecurity governance, the proliferation of malware, and the evolving character of risk in cyber insurance. He is currently a senior security strategist with Microsoft where he handles cloud-computing security and supply-chain risk for the Global Security Strategy and Diplomacy team.

Trey is coeditor of Cyber Insecurity— Navigating the Perils of the Next Information Age, a 2016 volume collecting key debates in cybersecurity policy from practitioners and scholars. He was previously a post-doctoral fellow with Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Cyber Security Project, a nonresident fellow with New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative, and has worked with the Department of Defense to develop a risk-assessment methodology for critical infrastructure. He holds a PhD in political science from George Washington University and a BS in theatre and political science from Northwestern University.

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Sharing Is Caring: The United States’ New Cyber Commitment For NATO

by Trey Herrvia Council on Foreign Relations
Wednesday, October 10, 2018

An expected Pentagon announcement suggests that the United States might use cyber capabilities alongside conventional weapons with NATO allies. That's a subtle, yet significant shift in policy.