William F. Kroener III

William F. Kroener III

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Bill Kroener is counsel at the New York City–based international law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, based in both the firm’s Washington, DC, and Los Angeles offices. He served as cochair of the American Bar Association Task Force on Financial Markets Regulatory Reform (2008-12) and currently serves as chair of the Banking Law Committee of the American Bar Association Business Law Section and as a member of the Financial Institutions Committee of the Business Law Section of the State of California. He served as general counsel of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation from 1995 to 2006.

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Ending Government Bailouts As We Know Them image cover

Ending Government Bailouts As We Know Them

by Nicholas F. Brady, Darrell Duffie, Joseph A. Grundfest, Richard J. Herring, Thomas M. Hoenig, Thomas Jackson, William F. Kroener III, Charles S. Morris, Kenneth E. Scott, George P. Shultz, Kenneth Spong, Johannes Stroebel, Kimberly Anne Summe, John B. Taylor, Paul Volckervia Hoover Press
Monday, March 15, 2010

The American people are clearly upset about the massive government bailouts of faltering organizations and the consequent commitment of taxpayer dollars-as well as the heavy involvement of the federal government in private sector activities.