Issue 88

Proxy Wars

Thursday, December 7, 2023

In this issue of Strategika, scholars address the intricate challenges facing the United States amidst Russian aggression and broader global issues. Bing West argues that US reluctance to provide long-range weapons and treating Russia as a nuclear sanctuary weaken Ukraine. West urges decisive American support for the embattled nation.  Jerry Hendrix predicts that Ukraine will resort to asymmetric tactics in the war against Russia due to Kyiv's inability to reclaim lost territory. A key Ukrainian strategy, Hendrix asserts, should be to exploit Russian President Vladimir Putin’s political vulnerabilities and delegitimize him as a leader. And Chris Gibson provides a broad perspective about the conflict, warning against unnecessary escalation, while advocating a historical, realist, and diplomatic approach to reshape global alliances and deny Russia’s victory.

What are the increased dangers, if any, of the current Ukrainian proxy war waged on the borders, and into the interior, of a nuclear Russia?

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