Issue 90

Iranian Proxies

Monday, February 26, 2024

Issue No. 90 of Strategika features three essays stressing that the United States should retaliate more aggressively against Iranian proxy militia groups across the Middle East.

In the background essay, Edward Luttwak writes that the Biden White House could deter Iran by massively raising the stakes both militarily and economically of Iran’s proxy militia activity throughout the Middle East.

In another essay, Bing West argues that the US should respond with strikes against Houthi missile sites and command centers in western Yemen, with an aim to completely remove the group’s offensive capabilities against shipping in the Red Sea. He also suggests Biden authorize tough enforcement action against Iran’s so-called “ghost fleet” of 300+ tankers used to evade oil sanctions.

Next, Jerry Hendrix argues the Biden White House needs to jettison its position that Iran will re-commit to de-escalation and de-nuclearization at the negotiating table. He calls for Biden to order direct strikes against Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) assets, including military targets within Iran.

How best does the global community stop Iranian-inspired terrorist attacks?

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