The relationship between the United States and India will define freedom, security and prosperity in the twenty-first century. The goal of the Huntington Program on Strengthening US-India Relations at Hoover is to generate, identify, and advance policy-relevant scholarship and connections that will deepen the relationship between the world’s oldest democracy and the world’s largest democracy.

The US-India Program at Hoover will support opportunities for shared economic development and activity; areas and ideas of collaboration on geostrategic priorities, and the protection of democracy and individual rights that underpin a free and open society. The Program will further knowledge, cooperation and a closer relationship between the two countries through several lines of effort:

  • Rigorous, high-impact research that will inform policymaking and promote closer relations between governments, scholars, the private sectors, and civil society in the US and India
  • Meetings that convene a diverse set of scholars and policy experts not only from within the Hoover Institution and the Stanford University community, but from around the world
  • Creation of a network of scholars, opinion leaders, and policymakers who seek a stronger US-India relationship through our research platform and our global partnerships

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David C. Mulford

David C. Mulford

Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Ambassador David Mulford is a distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. In this role, Ambassador Mulford focuses on research, writing, and activities related to global economic integration, including the legal and political environments of trade agreements and their management. He concentrates his efforts on economic growth in the Indian subcontinent and the trend of receding globalization in developed economies.

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