TikTok spends record amount on lobbying blitz targeting House, Senate, and White House
by Jerry Dunleavy
via The Washington Examiner on July 27, 2022

Chinese Government Asked TikTok for Stealth Propaganda Account
by Olivia Solon
via Bloomberg on July 29, 2022

Inside TikTok's Attempts to ‘Downplay the China Association’
by Chris Stokel-Walker
via Gizmodo on July 27, 2022

China’s New Organization Could Threaten the Global Internet
by Justin Sherman
via Slate on July 29, 2022

The overworked humans behind China’s virtual influencers
by Meghan Tobin and Viola Zhou
via Rest of World on July 28, 2022

Who is APT41?
by Garrett O’Brien
via The Wire China on July 31, 2022

UK parliament closes TikTok account a week after launch
by Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe and Cristina Criddle
via Financial Times on August 3, 2022

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