China’s Domination of Distant-Water Fishing: The Impact on West and Central Africa

by Agnes Ebo’o
Tuesday, January 25, 2022



As marine fish stocks deplete elsewhere, their abundance in the Gulf of Guinea makes the region attractive to distant-water fishing fleets that take advantage of weak governance systems and economies to access advantageous fishing rights. However, the practice now dominated by Chinese fishers is facing growing opposition due to unsustainable subsidies and illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing, as well as its impact on local fisheries sectors, particularly artisanal fishing.

China’s Domination of Dista... by Hoover Institution

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Agnes Ebo’o is an international law expert who specializes in human rights, governance, and accountability in West and Central Africa specifically. In this capacity, she has worked with national governments, international organizations, and regional institutions of the African Union system. Her work currently focuses on the oceans’ governance in relation to maritime security, the private sector, and civil society engagement.

About the Author

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