Many of the Left’s recent policy proposals are not only quite radical, but scientifically, economically, and numerically illiterate. They are crowding out discussion of serious proposals to deal with the legitimate issues raised. A closer look reveals, for example, that Medicare for All and the Green New Deal wildly violate the laws of supply and demand, physics, and arithmetic. The many tens of trillions of dollars of new spending would explode the already record-high post-World War II national debt, even after an array of new and higher taxes that would undermine incentives to work, save, invest and enhance skills, along with American firms’ global competitiveness. Factual—not the left’s fantasized—comparisons to European nationalized health systems, social welfare states, and taxes, and to energy and environmental realities, suggest these proposals could well result in an economic, health care, and energy disaster trifecta with dangerous unintended consequences (for example, to the food supply). Better, affordable solutions without the risk of serial disaster are available.

A Closer Look at the Lefts ... by the Hoover Institution on Scribd

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