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Saturday, October 30, 1999

TERRY L. ANDERSON coauthor, “Trickle-Down Economics,” Wall Street Journal, August 23, 1999.

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JOSEPH D. McNAMARA “Breaking the Glass Shield for Women,” Los Angeles Times, May 16, 1999; “Drug Peace for a New Millennium,” Orange County Register, July 24, 1999; “Broken Trust: When Officers Engage in Questionable Conduct, Both Police and Public Must Practice Restraint,” San Jose Mercury News, August 1, 1999.

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ROBERT MORTON “The Politics of Refugees, East and West,” Washington Times, April 26, 1999.

RAMON H. MYERS “A Test of the ‘One China’ Policy,” San Francisco Chronicle, July 26, 1999.

EDWARD NEILAN “Different National Baggage,” Journal of Commerce, April 5, 1999; “Local Vote in Japan Has Global Tone,” Journal of Commerce, April 9, 1999; “Cloning Silicon Valley,” Journal of Commerce, April 20, 1999; “Use Carrot with Indonesia,” Journal of Commerce, April 29, 1999; “South Korea Wary of Agendas,” Journal of Commerce, May 11, 1999; “Clamor May Boomerang on Beijing,” Journal of Commerce, May 13, 1999; “China to Sweep Macau Clean,” Journal of Commerce, May 20, 1999.

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WILLIAM RATLIFF “Will Peace Accord Bring Peace?” MSNBC (on-line), June 3, 1999; coauthor, “Stop Dreaming of Utopia: Partition Is Only Choice,” San Jose Mercury News, May 2, 1999; coauthor, “Indictable Offenses,” MSNBC (on-line), May 28, 1999; coauthor, “The Hypocrisy of This ‘Moral’ War,” MSNBC (on-line), June 8, 1999.

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PETER ROBINSON “A Rebel and an MBA,” Economic Times (New Delhi, India), June 9, 1999.

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DAVID A. WISE editor, Personal Saving, Personal Choice (Hoover Press, 1999).

CHARLES WOLF JR. “Economic ‘Crisis’ in Asia Is Over,” San Jose Mercury News, April 27, 1999; “Markets, Not Architects, Will Solve Economic Crises,” Wall Street Journal, July 20, 1999.

HARRY WU “Human Rights Still Widely Violated,” San Francisco Chronicle, June 4, 1999.

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