A comprehensive listing

Sunday, January 30, 2000


A comprehensive listing of recent writings of Hoover fellows and publications from the Hoover Press.

RICHARD V. ALLEN "Ronald Reagan: An Extraordinary Man in Extraordinary Times," in The Fall of the Berlin Wall, edited by Peter Schweizer (Hoover Press, 2000); "New Candidate, Old Derision," New York Times, December 1, 1999.

MARTIN ANDERSON "Bush’s Bold Tax Cuts," Washington Times, December 3, 1999.

DENNIS L. BARK "A Perspective on Petersberg" (speech delivered in Bonn, Germany, September 21, 1999).

ROBERT J. BARRO "Is Alan Greenspan a Genius—or Just Plain Lucky?" Business Week, August 16, 1999; "Does Abortion Lower the Crime Rate?" Business Week, September 27, 1999.

GARY S. BECKER "Are We Hurting or Helping the Disabled?" Business Week, August 2, 1999; "What Price Pollution? Leave That to a Global Market," Business Week, October 18, 1999.

ARNOLD BEICHMAN "Shadows over National Sovereignty or Where Will the Kofi Annan Doctrine Alight?" Hoover International Studies Working Paper series, October 1999; "Ukraine: Back to the Future," Weekly Standard, June 7, 1999; "West as Long-Term Balkans Custodian," Washington Times, June 12, 1999; "U.N. Bias against Israel," Sunday Sports Times (Washington, D.C.), June 27, 1999; "Dear Mr. Walesa," Washington Times, June 28, 1999; "Interview with Condi [Condoleezza Rice]," Washington Times, July 21, 1999; "Scorn That Persists in Russia," Washington Times, July 27, 1999; "End of Dictatorship?" Washington Times, July 30, 1999; "Anti-Semitism Alive and Well in the New Russia," Washington Times, August 2, 1999; "Flying Scared," Washington Times, August 6, 1999; "Carpet Bombing Culture," Washington Times, August 13, 1999; "A Glasnost Haunting of China," Washington Times, August 16, 1999; "Said Unmasked," Washington Times, August 24, 1999; "A Beautiful Friendship," Washington Times, August 27, 1999; "Currency Proposal Divides Canada," Sunday Sports Times, August 29, 1999; "Diplomatic Power Play," Washington Times, August 31, 1999; "Crossing the Mini-State Frontier," Washington Times, September 23, 1999; "Socialism’s Doom: The Rise and Fall of Eugene Debs," review of Harp Song for a Radical, by Marguerite Young, Washington Times, October 13, 1999; "Secessions vs. Praise for Unity," Washington Times, October 18, 1999; "Reagan’s Legacy: How the Cold War Was Won," Washington Times, November 5, 1999; "Apprehensive Aftermath," Washington Times, November 24, 1999; "The Bite of the Chinese Shark," Washington Times, November 26, 1999; "Another Indonesian Bloodbath in Offing?" Washington Times, November 27, 1999; "There Is No Mystery," National Interest, fall 1999.

TOM BETHELL "The Prophet of Profits," American Spectator, August 1999; "Rip Van Winkle in England," American Spectator, September 1999; "The Age of Consent," American Spectator, October 1999; "The Money Chase," American Spectator, November 1999.

TIMOTHY CHARLES BROWN "Paying the Price for Carter’s Folly," Washington Times, August 16, 1999; "Candidate Cardenas Favors Fine Tuning NAFTA," Washington Times, October 12, 1999.

BRUCE BUENO de MESQUITA Principles of International Politics: People’s Power, Preferences, and Perceptions (Congressional Quarterly Press, 1999).

ROBERT CONQUEST Reflections on a Ravaged Century (W. W. Norton, 1999); "The Stalin Era," in The Collapse of Communism, edited by Lee Edwards (Hoover Press, 1999); "Agit-Prof," review of The Vices of Integrity: E. H. Carr, 1892–1982, by Jonathan Haslam, New Republic, November 1, 1999; "Toward an English-Speaking Union," National Interest, fall 1999.

BRIAN CROZIER The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire (Prima Publishing, 1999); "Why the Cold War?" in The Collapse of Communism, edited by Lee Edwards (Hoover Press, 1999).

SIDNEY D. DRELL coeditor, The New Terror: Facing the Threat of Biological and Chemical Weapons (Hoover Press, 1999); "Why We Need the Test Ban: The Stockpile Ensures Nuclear Safety," Washington Times, October 8, 1999.

JOHN B. DUNLOP "Second Time Around May Be Worse," Los Angeles Times, October 24, 1999.

WILLIAMSON M. EVERS coauthor, "Higher Goals for Exit Exams," San Francisco Chronicle, September 28, 1999.

MILTON FRIEDMAN "Taming Business’ Suicidal Impulses," Dallas Business Journal, June 11, 1999.

DAVID R. HENDERSON "Patent Lather," Red Herring, August 1999; "The Tortoise and the Share," Red Herring, September 1999; "Artful Dodger," review of The Return of Depression Economics, by Paul Krugman, Reason, October 1999.

THOMAS H. HENRIKSEN "Yesteryear’s Forgotten Isolationists," San Jose Mercury News, November 7, 1999.

MELVYN KRAUSS "Saving Money by Taking Lives," Wall Street Journal, November 16, 1999.

EDWARD P. LAZEAR "Smaller Class Size Isn’t a Magic Bullet," Los Angeles Times, September 2, 1999.

TIBOR R. MACHAN "Why E-mail Is a Boon to Literacy," Morning Journal (Lorain, Ohio), June 10, 1999; "Who Does Clinton Think He Is—Our King?" Orange County Register, July 5, 1999; "Wrong Government Policy," Sun Journal (New Bern, N.C.), July 26, 1999; "Defund PBS," Orange County Register, August 2, 1999 (also Monitor [McAllen, Tex.], August 30, 1999); "Clinton’s ‘Scars’ Raise the Issue of Personal Responsibility," Orange County Register, August 4, 1999 (also Valley Morning Star [Harlingen, Tex.], August 5, 1999); "Public Policy, the Environment and Consistency," Monitor, August 5, 1999; "Bill Clinton: More Fraud than Feminist," Gaston Gazette (Gastonia, N.C.), August 6, 1999; "Americans Should Keep What They Earn," Clovis (Calif.) News Journal, August 12, 1999; "Government Internet Infelicities," Lima (Ohio) News, August 15, 1999 (also Orange County Register, August 16, 1999; Free Press [Kinston, N.C.], August 20, 1999); "Actor Robert Downey Jr. and the Disastrous Drug War," Asbury Park Press (Neptune, N.J.), August 27, 1999; "America Just One More Hostile Tribe," Fort Pierce (Fla.) Tribune, August 28, 1999; "Why Not Try the European Way?" Daily Press (Victorville, Calif.), September 14, 1999; "A Groundswell of Misplaced Blame," Orange County Register, September 27, 1999; "A Curious Effort to Stifle Cyber Entrepreneurship," BridgeNews Forum, November 10, 1999.

THOMAS E. MaCURDY coauthor, "Asset Allocation and Risk Allocation: Can Social Security Improve Its Future Solvency Problem by Investing in Private Securities?" National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Working Paper, 1999.

GEORGE MAROTTA "Here’s Why We Need a Big Tax Cut," Orange County Register, August 8, 1999.

MICHAEL McFAUL "Russia’s Political Forces Realign," Wall Street Journal, European edition, August 26, 1999; "Despite All the Bad News, Democracy Marches On," Los Angeles Times, October 3, 1999.

JOSEPH D. McNAMARA "When Cops Become the Gangsters," Los Angeles Times, September 21, 1999; "Beyond Good Cop, Bad Cop," Los Angeles Times, November 21, 1999.

LAWRENCE J. McQUILLAN "Electricity ‘Dereg’: How Much Will You Save?" Consumers’ Research, August 1999.

EDWIN MEESE III "Rollback: Intelligence and the Reagan Strategy in the Developing World," in The Fall of the Berlin Wall, edited by Peter Schweizer (Hoover Press, 2000).

HENRY I. MILLER "Labelling with a Nasty Taste," Financial Times, June 17, 1999; "Mandatory Labels on All Gene-Modified Foods Is a Bad Idea," St. Louis Post-Dispatch, August 6, 1999; "Biotechnology Offers Baby Food for Thought," Chicago Tribune, August 8, 1999; "Federal Over-Regulation Leads to Stagnating Research," Ann Arbor (Mich.) News, August 9, 1999; "Gene-Splicing Hysteria Is Brewing," Wall Street Journal, Asian edition, August 26, 1999; "Better Genes for Better Living," Wall Street Journal, September 8, 1999.

JENNIFER ROBACK MORSE "Of Burgers, Bishops, and Brand Names," National Catholic Register, June 20, 1999; "Cleaning up the Public Square," American Enterprise, July–August 1999; "What Constitutes Compassion for the Mentally Ill?" National Catholic Register, August 1–7, 1999; "Changing Standards to Favor the Passions," National Catholic Register, August 29, 1999; "Cloistered in the Office," Forbes, September 20, 1999; "Racial Quotas in a Melting Pot State," Forbes, October 18, 1999; "The Heart of the Market," Forbes, November 15, 1999.

ROBERT J. MYERS "Kosovo Fallout Hitting Korean Peninsula," Journal of Commerce, June 11, 1999.

WILLIAM RATLIFF "Another Dangerous Flashpoint," Washington Times, June 30, 1999; "Yugoslavia: Debacle Total [Yugoslavia: Total Debacle]," Diario Las Americas (on-line), July 6, 1999; "Development and Civil Society in Latin America and Asia," Annals of the American Academy 565 (September 1999); "Rebuilding Burned Bridges," MSNBC (on-line), September 13, 1999; "Reckless Punting with China," San Francisco Chronicle, November 30, 1999; coauthor, "The Next American War," MSNBC (on-line), August 2, 1999.

CONDOLEEZZA RICE "Deterring the Use of BCW: Introductory Remarks," in The New Terror: Facing the Threat of Biological and Chemical Weapons, edited by Sidney D. Drell, Abraham D. Sofaer, and George D. Wilson (Hoover Press, 1999).

PAUL RICH "American Voluntarism, Social Capital, and Political Culture," Annals of the American Academy 565 (September 1999).

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS "Liberals Live in Fear of Ideas," Human Events, June 25, 1999; "Ethnic Cleansing in America," Human Events, July 23, 1999.

PETER ROBINSON "Koko and Me," Forbes ASAP, October 4, 1999; "This Is It? A Reaganaut Laments," National Review, October 25, 1999.

JOHN E. ROBSON "Air Deregulation Has Worked; It Can Work Better," Washington Post, August 27, 1999.

PAUL ROMER "What Makes Technology Grow?" Wilson Quarterly, April–June 1999.

HENRY ROWEN "Pressure for Freedom Grows with Prosperity," South China Morning Post, August 12, 1999; "Staying Cool about Global Warming, National Interest, fall 1999.

PETER SCHWEIZER editor, The Fall of the Berlin Wall (Hoover Press, 2000).

OHN B. SHOVEN coauthor, The Real Deal: The History and Future of Social Security (Yale University Press, 1999); coauthor, "Asset Allocation and Risk Allocation: Can Social Security Improve Its Future Solvency Problem by Investing in Private Securities?" NBER Working Paper, 1999.

ABRAHAM D. SOFAER coeditor, The New Terror: Facing the Threat of Biological and Chemical Weapons (Hoover Press, 1999).

THOMAS SOWELL The Quest for Cosmic Justice (Free Press, 1999); "The Marketplace Will Tell You if Your Labors Truly Serve the Public," Tampa (Fla.) Tribune, June 1, 1999; "Demonizing for Dollars," Cape Cod Times (Hyannis, Mass.), June 11, 1999; "Childish Labor Laws," Poughkeepsie Journal, June 12, 1999 (also Cape Cod Times, June 25, 1999); "Facts Don’t Support Stampede toward Gun Control," Gainesville (Tex.) Daily Register, June 13, 1999; "A Victory for Tradition," Cape Cod Times, June 18, 1999; "Quick Fixes Can Prove Disastrous," Atlanta Journal, June 22, 1999; "Urban Sprawl or Liberal Gall?" Tampa Tribune, June 30, 1999; "Monument to Shallow Arrogance," Atlanta Journal, July 6, 1999; "Rent-Control Initiatives Can Backfire," Atlanta Journal, July 9, 1999; "Smith’s Defection Raises Larger Issues," Atlanta Journal, July 21, 1999; "Emotional Orgies," San Marino (Calif.) Tribune, July 22, 1999; "Is the Right to Privacy Becoming an Endangered Species?" Enterprise (Salt Lake City, Utah), August 2, 1999; "Minority Enrollment Up in Two Years at U.C. Irvine," Human Events, August 6, 1999; "Boomers Become ‘Boomerangs,’" La Grange (Ga.) Daily News, August 9, 1999; "The Wrong Targets," Orange County Register, August 12, 1999; "Criminals Shoot the Helpless," West County Times (Richmond, Calif.), August 16, 1999; "Life, Liberty and Property," Insight on the News, August 23, 1999; "Bush Is Right to Ignore Media Muckrakers," Orange County Register, August 26, 1999 (also Lodi [Calif.] News Sentinel, August 26, 1999); "Power to the Assassins?" Lima (Ohio) News, August 28, 1999; "Compassion Not Just for Liberals," Modesto (Calif.) Bee, September 3, 1999; "Schools Out to Belittle Parents’ Role," Atlanta Journal, September 14, 1999; "Who’s the ‘Economic Fascist’?" Orange County Register, September 19, 1999; "Demonizing Words Used to Justify Unjustifiable," Arizona Republic, September 20, 1999; "Buchanan: The Patriot Who’s Often Wrong," Orange County Register, September 24, 1999; "Caught in Cross-Hairs of a Smear Campaign," Orange County Register, September 29, 1999 (also San Jose Mercury News, October 11, 1999); "Easier to Smear Buchanan than to Debate His Views," Seattle Times, September 30, 1999; "Is Yankee Stadium a ‘Level Playing Field’?" Wall Street Journal, October 27, 1999; "Playing Fast and Loose with the Label of ‘Autistic,’" San Jose Mercury News, November 7, 1999; "Black Leaders Need to Fight in Right War," San Jose Mercury News, November 21, 1999.

RICHARD F. STAAR "Funding Russia’s Rearmament," Perspective (Boston University, Institute for the Study of Conflict, Ideology & Policy) 10, no. 1 (September–October 1999); "Russia’s New Plan to Rearm," Washington Times, September 30, 1999.

SHELBY STEELE "We Shall Overcome—but Only through Merit," Wall Street Journal, September 16, 1999; "Civil Rights Act Steers U.S. toward Morality," San Jose Mercury News, December 2, 1999.

JAMES B. STOCKDALE "John McCain in the Crucible," New York Times, November 26, 1999.

CHARLES J. SYKES The End of Privacy (St. Martin’s Press, 1999).

BILL WHALEN "Web Site Promises Voter Letdown," San Jose Mercury News, November 7, 1999.

GEORGE D. WILSON coeditor, The New Terror: Facing the Threat of Biological and Chemical Weapons (Hoover Press, 1999).

PETE WILSON coauthor, "Higher Goals for Exit Exams," San Francisco Chronicle, September 28, 1999.

CHARLES WOLF JR. "Are ‘Asian Values’ Really That Unique?" San Jose Mercury News, November 7, 1999.