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A different strategy for impatient fiscal conservatives

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Several conservative House and Senate Members, dissatisfied both with the spending cuts enacted so far and with repeated short-term appropriations negotiations, are threatening to oppose another Continuing Resolution.  I think that’s a mistake.

Conservatives are expressing two concerns – spending cuts are not being enacted quickly enough, and short-term CRs lack funding limitations (e.g., No federal funds may be appropriated for [National Public Radio, implementing ObamaCare or new EPA regulations, Planned Parenthood].)

I support cutting spending even more deeply than the original House-passed bill.  I support and place a high priority on stopping implementation of ObamaCare and the new EPA regulatory authorities.  Yet I think this move is a short-sighted and even counterproductive tactical blunder.

Legislating is a team sport.  You win when you can build a coalition to achieve your goals.  Right now, the spending cut team is winning.  Anyone who wants to change strategy or torpedo it through individual action should step up and explain not just their own threatened no vote, but how that threat will lead to a better policy outcome.

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