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Google Returns to China

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The WSJ reports that Google is returning to China after its confrontation with the Chinese over Chinese censorship and alleged Chinese hacks into its computer systems led it to shut down its Chinese site,, and direct visitors to its Hong Kong site,  The firm never left China altogether: “While Google, which opened its first China office in 2005, shut down many functions there following its decision to stop censoring search results, it says it never abandoned the country.  It still has more than 500 employees there, including more than 300 engineers.”  But it is now ramping up its presence even though, as the story reports, China-based hackers are still targeting Google and China is still censoring.  The market opportunities are just too great, and Google aims “to capitalize on its fast-growing Android operating system for mobile devices, online-advertising and product-search services.”

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