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Hurray for Middlebury’s Venture into Virtual Language Instruction

Thursday, April 15, 2010

From the land of the Green Mountain boys comes a virtual shot soon to be heard around the world.  Middlebury College has announced it is creating online foreign language courses for high school students. Capitalizing on its historic standing as one of the country’s premier centers of foreign language learning, the college will create foreign language courses for folks in their tender years when language acquisition comes most readily.

Middlebury’s actions serve both its own and the country’s interests.  Private colleges are finding it ever more difficult to find talented students able to pay the high tuition necessary to cover the endlessly rising costs of a college education. By offering language courses in such a way that they can be accessed on line  from anywhere in the world, Middlebury is finding a new, potentially powerful way to both add to its bottom line as and market the Middlebury brand.

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