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Jeb Bush, Melinda Gates, Sal Khan and the Coming Digital Learning Battle

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The debate over digital learning will soon enter a new phase.  No longer will educators debate whether or not digital learning has the capacity to transform the American education system.   Just about gone are the anti-technology Luddites who insist that every classroom be self-contained, with students and teachers left to their own devices, save for the help of pencils, chalk, blackboards and weighty textbooks stuffed into 10 kilo backpacks.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that digital learning systems can be tailored to the specific interests, learning styles, and levels of accomplishment of each student.  As digital curricular materials employ ever-more-sophisticated technologies—3-dimensional videos, game playing, interactive exercises, real-time provision of information on student performance to teachers and students alike, and more—they will be seen as essential 21st century learning tools.

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(photo credit: World Economic Forum)