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Kori Schake: National Security Challenges for the New Administration

interview with Kori Schake
via Hoover Institution
Monday, January 23, 2017
Kori Schake, October 2016

The international security climate may be volatile, but according to Research Fellow Kori Schake the most serious threat to the United States is domestic policy failure. Drawing on her work with Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and former commander of the US Strategic Command James O. Ellis Jr. in the Blueprint for America project, Schake explains a number of key insights for strengthening the domestic institutions and policies underlying US national security strategy. After turning outward to explore what she and her Blueprint coauthors identify as the most serious external threats to US security, Schake closes by identifying a new challenge to cohesive strategy that is emerging in 2017: lack of consensus within the Trump cabinet and between the new administration and Congress.