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A Morale Booster for the Financial Front Too

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Anyone who has served in the military during the nearly ten years since 9/11 must feel a sense of closure with Bin Laden’s death. As Lindsay Wise writes in the Houston Chronicle “Bin Laden's death is a dramatic morale booster for those who served in the war on terror, now aptly dubbed The Long War.” The demise of Bin Laden marks an important victory to which all who served contributed in one way or another. A Marine who signed up just after 9/11 said this to me just after President Obama’s announcement: “It feels kind of like I can come home again,” but then, after a pause, “I guess we have a few more things to do.” An email was circulating around Stanford yesterday saying: “Congratulations to all Stanford veterans who laid the groundwork for this momentous occasion. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.”

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