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The New York Times Carries Water for Justice Ginsberg

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg got herself into hot water, when she recommended to Egypt not to use the U.S. Constitution as its model. These are not politic words from a Justice of the Supreme Court carrying the weight of upholding the Constitution on her shoulders. She, like President Obama before her, seemed not to like the absence of “positive rights” in our Constitution.

The New York Times wasted to no time in rushing to Ginsburg’s rescue with its ‘We the People’ Loses Followers. This page-one article reports the obscure research  of two law professors to be published in June, that shows that constitutions written in the postwar period have become less like the U.S. Constitution with the passage of time. The Times article even dredges up a 1789 letter from Thomas Jefferson saying that constitutions naturally expire at the end of nineteen years.”

I must say, they circled their wagons quickly. We can’t let middle America think we do not like the U.S. Constitution.

(photo credit: waterdotorg)