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OK, Let’s Decline

Sunday, May 1, 2011

“Leading From Behind”

A recent report in the New Yorker magazine suggested that the Obama’s administration’s weird sort of/sort of not foreign policy is now gleefully self-described as “leading from behind”. Not exercising leadership is a reflection, the article suggests, of Obama’s view that the U.S. is both disliked and in decline. Decline?

Here are some tidbits from the Ryan Lizza adulatory piece. The following I think is meant as a compliment:

“The one consistent thread running through most of Obama’s decisions has been that America must act humbly in the world. Unlike his immediate predecessors, Obama came of age politically during the post-Cold War era, a time when America’s unmatched power created widespread resentment. Obama believes that highly visible American leadership can taint a foreign-policy goal just as easily as it can bolster it.”

I supposed eliminating “unmatched power” would also eliminate “widespread resentment”—in that few are envious of the failed.

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