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One Week Remaining

Thursday, November 1, 2012

In this podcast, three political scientists affiliated with the Hoover Institution, David Brady, Tammy Frisby, and Andrew Reeves, assess the state of the presidential race and their forecasts for Election night. Moderated by Hoover Institution Director of Public Affairs Eryn Witcher, the group discusses the "October Surprise" of natural disaster Hurricane Sandy, the last Jobs numbers on the Friday before the election, the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, the role of the debates, and what they think the commentariat has said about the election that might make sense and what should be doubted.

Listen as Andrew Reeves, an expert on how presidential responses to natural disasters affect elections, explains what he expects based on his research - and engages in some expert diplomacy as he's asked to cast the tie vote on the "Did the debates matter?" question. Tammy Frisby is skeptical that Friday's Jobs numbers matter much at all for what happens next Tuesday. David Brady shares his thoughts on what he's most interested to study once we have the election results. And the group pulls out their crystal balls (or, as Frisby says, their Magic Eight Balls) to call the election six days out.

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(Duration: 31:03)