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Pakistani Problematics

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

We are reaching a point with Pakistan where the alliance is no longer tenable. The relationship is quite strange and based entirely on wink-and-nod diplomacy. The premise has been this: we are supposed to believe that (a) privately Pakistani intelligence and their armed services offer us access to key borderland territory; (b) Pakistan suffers more from al Qaeda-like terrorism than do we; (c) they provide us valuable covert information; (d) they keep their nukes under wraps; (e) they do not openly seek to destroy the Afghan government; (f) they are more duplicitous and two-faced with their Islamist friends than they are with us, their benefactors; and (g) they don’t start a war with India and develop even closer relations with China. All that is supposed to be worth the $3 billion in aid a year, putting up with the obnoxious public anti-American protests, and enduring the moronic lectures from Pakistani diplomats. 

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