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Reactions to the President’s post-election press conference

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here are my initial reactions to important economic policy elements of the President’s press conference.

The President argued the electoral losses were the result of a continued weak economy and his inability to convince voters that he had made things better quickly enough.  He repeatedly ducked the question of whether his policies contributed to the Democrats’ devastating losses.  Two conclusions are consistent with ducking this question:  (1) he thinks his policies did not hurt Democrats on Election Day; or (2) he knows they hurt Democrats but doesn’t want to admit it because doing so would further risk the policy gains he has achieved.  I find it very hard to imagine (1), but I misjudged him last January and as a result I incorrectly concluded he would stop pushing for health care reform, so I lack confidence in my ability to discern between the two.

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(photo credit: The White House)